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Sell with a partner agent or get a cash offer

Helps you sell your home, your way. Easily explore your selling options below and get personalized market value estimates — we can even help you choose the best option when you’re ready.

Sell with a partner agent or get a cash offer

List your home with a partner agent to get local expertise and potentially maximize your sales price.

Sell directly to Opendoor

Get an all-cash offer from our trusted partner, Opendoor, to sell your home faster and avoid the the hassle of showings.


Get a FREE analysis of your home! Find out your home value, home equity, refinance and mortgage reduction and much more!

Sell traditionally with an agent

Not in a market with new selling experience? Work with a real estate agent for selling support at every step, including prepping, listing, and marketing your home.

Why sell traditionally

Sell your home yourself

Deciding to sell your home yourself is referred to as for-sale-by-owner (FSBO). The FSBO process is similar to traditional selling but without the help of a real estate agent. In this case, you’re responsible for the home prep, marketing, showings, and negotiations.

Why sell FSBO

How to sell FSBO

When selling yourself, start with home prep, staging, and hiring a professional photographer. Once your marketing materials are ready, research comparable homes to help price your home. Then, list it on U.S Prime.

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